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Can the Analysis of Adhyāsa Ever Lead to an Advaitic Conclusion 

published In New Perspectives in Indian Philosophy, Jaipur and Delhi: Rawat Publications, 2001, pp. 150–163.

* The attached file contains a corrected version of this paper.

Chance, Probability, Indeterminacy and Knowledge

the Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research. Vol. XXIII Number 3 (July-September 2006), 91-110.

Comparative Philosophy What Is It and What it Ought to Be

Interpreting Across Boundaries, New Essays in Comparative Philosophy, edited by James Larson and Eliot Deutsch, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, Delhi, 1989, pp.71-83.

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The Cosmic, Biological and Cultural Conditionings, and the Seeking for Freedom​.

The Journal of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Vol. XXIII Number 4 (October-December 2006), pp. 133-160.

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