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From 1990 (Vol. VII. 1.) until his death in 2007, Daya Krishna was the editor of the Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research. During this time, he re-organized the journal, introduced dialogical sections, and published numerous articles in the JICPR.
Other articles can also be downloaded here: the page "Author's original version" includes earlier versions of articles that have been reproduced elsewhere afterwards. The page "Other publications" contains the final versions of publications that have been published in other journals than the JICPR, or that remain unpublished. 
Published in the Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research (JICPR) 
Other Publications 
Author's original version
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List of articles by alphabetical order
  • Action and Contemplation​


  • Adhyāsa: A Non-Advaitic Beginning in śaṃkara Vedānta

  • Anumana (author's original version)


  • A Plea for a New History of Philosophy in India (author's original version)


  • A Radical Revision of Human's Rights: The Need for Rethinking in a Universal Perspective


  • Bondages of Birth and Death: Emerging Technologies of Freedom on the Horizon and the Hope of Final Release from the Foundational Bondage of Mankind​ (author's original version)


  • Can the Analysis of Adhyāsa Ever Lead to an Advaitic Conclusion?


  • Chance, Probability, Indeterminacy and Knowledge


  • Comparative Philosophy What Is It and What it Ought to Be


  • The Cosmic, Biological and Cultural Conditionings, and the Seeking for Freedom


  • Definition Deception and the Enterprise of Knowledge


  • Did the Gopīs really love Kṛṣṇa: Some reflections on Bhakti as a Puruṣārtha in the Indian Tradition (author's original version)


  • Emerging New Approaches in the Study of Classical Indian Philosophy (author's original version)


  • Encounter Between Civilizations: the Question of the Center and the Periphery


  • Eros Nomos Logos


  • Experience Dubitability and Certainty 


  • Fichte - The Forgotten Philosopher


  • Freedom, Reason, Ethics and Aesthetics


  • Freeing Philosophy From The 'Prison-House' of 'I-Centricity'


  • God and the Human Consciousness (Author's original version)


  • Grammar, Logic and Mathematics : Foundations of the Civilizations Man has Built


  • How Anekāntika is Anekānta: Some Reflactions on the Jain Theory of Anekāntavāda


  • Identity, Difference and the Problem of Reflexivity and Explanation


  • Illusion, Hallucination and the Problem of Truth


  • Indian Philosophy and Mokṣa: Revisiting an Old Controversy


  • Indian Philosophy in the First Millenium AD: Fact and Fiction


  • Introduction to Developments in Indian philosophy from Eighteenth Century Onwards: Classical and Western


  • ls the Doctrine of Arthāvada Compatible with the Idea of Śruti? - The Basic Dilemma in the Revelatory-Authorities Texts of any Tradition (Author's original version)


  • The Jaipur Edition of the Ṛgveda – Introduction


  • Kant's Doctrine of the Categories: Some Reflections and Problems


  • Knowledge, Reason and Human Autonomy: a Review Article


  • Knowledge: Whose Is It, What Is It, And Why Has It To Be 'True'?


  • Law, Logic and Ethics. Issues at the Heart of Society and Polity


  • Madness, Reason and Truth


  • The Myth of the Prasthāna Trayī


  • Negation: Can Philosophy Ever Recover From Tt?


  • Perspectives of Freedom, Social Philosophy Past and Future


  • Political Science Versus Political Reality


  • Polity, Economy and Society: Structural Contradictions and the Dynamics of History


  • Rasa: The Bane of Indian Aesthetics


  • The Realms of Between: some Reflections on Murty's The Realm of Between


  • Reflections on an Alleged Anecdote in Śaṃkara's Life


  • Ṛgveda: The Mantra, the Sūkta and the Maṇḍala or The Ṛṣi, the Devatā, the Chanda: The structure of the Text and the Problems Regarding it


  • Sign, sense and Reference : Reflections on Problems in the Philosophy of Language


  • Substance: the Bane of Philosophy


  • Time Truth and Transcendence


  • Thinking with Causality About Causality - Reflections on a 'concept' determining all thought about Action and Knowledge


  • Thinking Creatively about the Creative Act


  • Thinking vs Thought : Strategies for Conceptual Creativity


  • 'Thinking' without 'Things': without identity, without Non-contradiction, and yet 'Thinking' still.

  • The Undeciphered Text: Anomalies, Problems and Paradoxes in the Yogasūtra

  • The Upanishads - what are they?

  • Vedānta in the First Millennium AD : the Case Study of Retrospective Illusion Imposed by the Historiography of Indian Philosophy


  • The Vedic Corpus: Some Questions


  • Was Acarya Śaṁkara Responsible for the Disappearance of Buddhist Philosophy from India?

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