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Author's Original Version

Articles in their original version prior to their publication. 

'Thinking' without'Things': without identity, without Non-contradiction, and yet
'Thinking' still
, unpublished. Article available in its transcription and Daya Krishna's handwriting. The edition and notes in the original text are from D.D. Mathur's. Mathur Saab was Daya Krishna's private assistant and right-hand for over three decades. He passed away in 2017.

Identity, Difference and the Problem of Reflexivity and Explanation

2007, unpublished. 


2007, unpublished.

The Jaipur Edition of the ṛgveda - Intro

2007, unpublished. 

Experience Dubitability and Certainty

2007, unpublished. 

Bondages of Birth and Death: Emerging Technologies of Freedom on the Horizon and the Hope of Final Release from the Foundational Bondage of Mankind

Published in Indian Philosophy: A Counter Perspective (enlarged and revised edition), Delhi: Sri Satguru Publications, 2006, pp. 509-528.

Download this article (PDF file)

A Plea for a New History of Philosophy in India

Published in New Perspectives in Indian Philosophy, Jaipur and Delhi: Rawat Publications, 2001, pp. 7-12.

Can the analysis of adhyasa ever lead to an advaitic conclusion 

published In New Perspectives in Indian Philosophy, Jaipur and Delhi: Rawat Publications, 2001, pp. 150–163.

Did the Gopīs really love Kṛṣṇa Some reflections on Bhakti as a Puruṣārtha in the Indian Tradition 

Published in New Perspectives in Indian Philosophy, New- Delhi and Jaipur: Rawat Publishers, 2001, pp. 175-188.


ls the doctrine of Arthāvada compatible with the idea of Śruti? - The basic dilemma in the revelatory-authorities texts of any tradition

published In New Perspectives in Indian Philosophy, Jaipur and Delhi: Rawat Publications, 2001, pp. 115-126.

Emerging new approaches in the Study of Classical Indian Philosophy 

published in contemporary philosophy A new Survey, Vol. 7, 1993, 69-82, Kluwer Academic publishers, Netherlands.  

God and the Human Consciousness

published in Diogenes,117(30), March 1982, pp. 1-10.

The Experiential Standpoint in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy  

Sri Aurobindo Mandir Annual, 1948, pp. 58-65.

* This short paper is the first written piece ever to be published

  by Daya Krishna.

  The attached file contains a corrected version (unpublished) of the paper's 

  earlier publication.

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