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Hindi - हिन्दी

Although Daya Krishna published mostly in English, he remained committed to the idea of plurilingual philosophy and critical of the domination of English in academic philosophy in India. He therefore continuously wrote books and articles in Hindi, both as philosophical resources for students and also as research papers contributing to the philosophical activity in the Hindi academic world.

ज्ञान मीमांसा

Jaipur: Rājasthāna Hindī Graṃtha Akādamī, Jaipur, 1973.

भारतीय एवं पाश्चात्य दार्शनिक परंपराएं

Indian and Western Philosophical Traditions: Collected Essays by Daya Krishna in Hindi, edited by Yogesh Gupta, 2006.

भारतीय चिंतन परंपराएं : नए आयाम नई दिशाएँ

Three Lectures by Daya Krishna Delivered in 1997, edited by Krishna Dutt Paliwal, published by Sasta Sahitya Mandal, Delhi, 2013.


GC Pande on Metaphysics; Respondents: Daya Krishna, Yashdev Shalya, RS Bhatnagar  

From: In Defense of Metaphysics, edited by Ambika Datta Sharma and Sanjay Kumar Shukla, published by Vishvavidyalaya Prakashan, Sagar, 2008, pp 399-418

Yashdev Shalya on the philosophy of Daya Krishna 

from: Bhartiya Darshan ke 50 Varsh, edited by Ambika Datta Sharma, published by Vishvavidyalaya Prakashan, Sagar, 2006, pp. 181-202

Nāgarikī: Plātona kī Politīyā kā Hindī anuvadā

(Intro to the Hindi Translation of Plato's REPUBLIC)

R. S. Bhatnagar, (2014), Delhi: DK Printworld, pp. V - Xiii.

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