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Action and Contemplation

Visvabharati Quarterly No. 24 (1958-59), 1-11.

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Action and Contemplation​ (author's original version)

Adhyāsa: A Non-Advaitic Beginning in śaṃkara Vedānta

Philosophy East and West, 15 (3/4) (Jul. Oct. 1965), pp. 243-249.

Anumana (author's original version)

A Plea for a New History of Philosophy in India (author's original version)

Published in New Perspectives in Indian Philosophy, Jaipur and Delhi: Rawat Publications, 2001, pp. 7-12.

A Radical Revision of Human's Rights: The Need for Rethinking in a Universal Perspective

Taking Action for Human Right in Twenty-First Century, UNESCO publishing, 1998.

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