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Indian Philosophy: A new Approach 

New Delhi: Sri Satguru publications, 1997.

Summary: A new picture of Indian philosophy, breaking the traditional moulds in which it has been presented until now, bringing its story right up to present times. The amazing continuity of India’s philosophical traditions, as against the discontinuities in the development of philosophical tradition in the West, is brought to light and the usual myths about its stagnation and decay shown to be unsupported by the evidence.

This book supplements the picture with a discussion of the theoretical concerns which lay behind the two-and-a-half millennia long story of its development and ends with a brief ‘Historical Excursus’ which surprisingly reveals that most of the works on the subject have had a misleading focus at least with respect to philosophy in India in the first millennium AD when it was almost completely dominated by the Buddhists and not by the Vedāntins or any of the other schools of Indian philosophy, including that of the Jains.

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