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Developments in Indian philosophy from Eighteenth century onwards: Classical and western (History of science, philosophy, and culture in Indian Civilization, Vol X, Part 1) 

New Delhi: Center for studies in civilizations, 2002.

Summary: The development in Nyāya, Mīmāṁsā, Vedānta and Sāṁkhya from the end of seventeenth century onwards is delineated in this book which reveals that it is not only a period just of pariṣkāra or subtle refinement as is generally believed but also that of genuine creative innovation. The same can be said in the field of Alaṁkāraśāstra, Vyavahāraśāstra and Dharmaśāstra and also in the thinking done in the field of philosophy, written in English language, since the coming of the British. It also tries to develop a new methodology for the historiography of thought, which may be relevant to other fields of history writing as well. It also suggests the direction which further works may take in future.

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